Sunday, June 3, 2012

Crochet Hook Case

A friend of mine was making herself a crochet hook case at one of our crafts nights, and of course this made me want to finally make one for myself. She made hers with some beautiful fabric and sewed it together, but I found a crochet pattern for a case when I first started getting into it and knew I wanted to make it. Also, I just like the fact that I crocheted my crochet hook case :P
Here's the original pattern:

And here's what I made :)

It looks pretty similar but I did change a couple of things. First, I didn't like the "line with holes in the fabric" part, it took up extra time and I didn't think it was necessary to slip stitch the little hook holders. I just made a solid piece of fabric and then sewed the little holders in. And second I didn't do the "Closure" or "Finishing" parts. I just left extra on the ends after sewing in the hook holders, tied some little charms on the ends and I wrap it around and tie a bow to keep it closed.

I do wish that I'd made the little pocket at the bottom a bit deeper, but it still works great.

And there it is, a crocheted crochet hook case (since crochet means "hook" in French, there's a lot of hook in that sentence...)

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